Flight Mode - A Digital Detox Workshop with Cherryl Duncan

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DatumUhrzeitOrtLehrer - 16:3013 Robert-Koch-Straße -, 80538 MünchenCherryl

We all know what our devices can do for us, but do we know what they do to us? Technology today is literally reshaping our brains and our mental and emotional capacities.

As yoga practitioners we’re interested in raising our consciousness, not decreasing it, we need to know how technology is affecting the ability to cultivate a truly fulfilled and engage life. In this Workshop, you will get to know some of the scientifically proven effects technology addiction is having on you and your loved ones. You will also be given some practical exercises to help overcome the compulsion to spend so much time on your devices.

In this two hour workshop, Cherryl will lead you through some practical tools to help create healthier habits around the use of your device, as well as lead a fun and intense dharmaKaya yoga practice focussing on reducing the symptoms of ‘Tech Neck’ – expect shoulder opening and back bending sequences to open the heart and as a result, your vision!

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