Bootcamp / Circuit

Ramona Buta - Personal Trainer
at 31/03/2023 17:30-18:20 o'clock (50 min)
City: Wiedner Hauptstraße 154, 1050 Wien
Price: 95.00 €
Online registration is not possible


95.00 € / monthABO Studio Unlimited (cancel anytime)  


Indoor Bootcamp / Circuit Training (nur Frauen / Women only)

Circuit training is a form of body conditioning that involves endurance training, resistance training, high-intensity aerobics, and exercises performed in a circuit, similar to high-intensity interval training. It targets strength building and muscular endurance. An exercise 'circuit' is one completion of all set exercises in the program. When one circuit is completed, one begins the first exercise again for the next circuit. Traditionally, the time between exercises in circuit training is short and often with rapid movement to the next exercise.


1) Sauberen Trainingsschuhen / clean training Shoes. (Training nicht möglich mit Straßenschuhe / It is not allowed to train with the street/outdoor shoes)

2) Handtuch / Towel for the matt.

3) Eigene Matte oder bekommst eine desinfizierte Matte im Studio / Own mat or you get one disinfected in Studio.

4) Wasserflasche / Water bottle ☺

BITTE mind. 10 Min. vor dem Start des Kurses kommen. / be there couple of minutes before

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Cancellation conditions

Stornierungen sind online auf Eversports bis zu 1 Tag vor Klassbeginn möglich. Cancellation is possible online on, up to 1 day before the start of the class