T&T Bootylicious + Abs (STUDIO)

Train and Tone
at 22/07/2021 18:00-18:50 o'clock (50 min)
Address: Färbergasse 6, 1010 Wien
Price: from 135.00 €
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135.00 € / monthToner's 8  
185.00 € / monthToner's 12  


This class is all about the BOOTY and ABS! Taking your classical 'T&T Pilates' class, and turning it into an intense legs and glutes and core workout!

All of our classes are taught in English and most of them are designed for every fitness level; the trainer gives different variations of each exercise, which makes it suitable to every individual.

Our safety/hygene measure We keep a safe distance in between mats to make sure everyone can workout safely. Clients are to disinfect their hands upon arrival. _ Please disinfects your used equipment after class.

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Mariana is the Co-Founder of T&T and the one who started this dream years ago. Her passion for fitness and music motivated and encouraged her to create Train And Tone. She’s THE “Pilates Queen” and her classes never disappoint. Her latin roots completely set up the mood of her classes and it turns them into a party on the mat. Mariana is also very passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals, which is why she loves doing Personal Trainings. It makes her feel more connected to the #toners

Cancellation conditions

Cancelation policy is 12 hours prior to class