Full Body on the Floor.

Hot Pilates Vienna
at 01/06/2022 12:00-12:45 o'clock (45 min)
Address: Gumpendorfer Straße 63c/1, 1060 Wien
Price: from 20.00 €
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20.00 €Single ticket  
90.00 € / month1 year pay monthly  
100.00 € / month6 month pay monthly  
120.00 € / month1 year *towels/ pay monthly  
130.00 € / month6 month *towels /pay monthly  


Full Body on the Floor

Through a series of floor exercises using your own body weight and resistance bands, Niki will focus on targeting the muscles in your legs and gluts then finish with some abs and arms to help sculpt and tone your entire body.

There is no cardio in this class and it is not as hot as our IHP class.

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Niki (English)
Nicole (Niki ) lives in Canada but her passion is in traveling and experience the world.

Cancellation conditions

Stornierungen sind online auf Eversport bis zu 1 Stunden vor Beginn möglich.