Mindful Yoga Workout (ENG), Bösendorferstraße 9, 1010 Wien, Yoga Kula Studio

Yoga with Yordanka
at 02/04/2023 12:00-13:00 o'clock (60 min)
City: Bösendorferstraße 9, 1010 Wien
Price: 17.00 €
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17.00 €Single ticket  


Mindful Yoga Workout is a contemporary yoga style that aims to offer diversity for busy urban minds while at the same time building a physical routine. The main purpose of the class is for you to establish a connection to your own body - Mindful. Workout - cause it’s a dynamic class that will strengthen your muscles. And yoga, cause asanas are our main tool to explore the neuromuscular connection. Breathwork is present as well and is an important element of blending everything.

Mindful Yoga Workout is a combination of classical and contemporary yoga styles, between tradition and science. Our goal is to exercise healthily. With various body movements, we target certain effects on the nervous system. No wonder you arrive at the class anxious, stressed out, or tired and you leave energized, uplifted, and motivated. We start from the physical body but we look inwards. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. In a world full of fake spirituality and charlatans we want to first be well-grounded and stable to rise high. Eastern philosophy, chakra teaching, or talks about energy are not missing from the class, but they are presented in a non-dogmatic way so that everyone can choose what to take out of it.

The class is 60 minutes, with moderate intensity. Experience in yoga is preferable, but not mandatory as long as you listen to your body and don't overdo it. Options will be provided for all levels. We work out 'mindfully'. Only do what feels good, choose what works best for you and enjoy. Working out can be a lot of fun, as long as you find the right activity for you! If you are in search of such, try out the Mindful Yoga Workout on Sunday. We will build strength, release tension & stress, and work for mobility and flexibility.

Bring your yoga mat or rent a yoga mat in the studio for €1. If you use one from the studio, please disinfect it afterward.

Please come on time and plan your time accordingly if you are visiting the location for the first time and don't know if you can find it easily (as usual when you go to a new address, right?). The class begins with grounding and warm-up, which prepare your body and mind for the practice. Please respect the other participants who came on time, patiently waiting on their mats for the class to begin, their time, and their practice. Please bear in mind that if you miss the warm-up it is not safe for you to participate in the class. Late entry is not allowed, the door is locked before the class begins and the doorbell is on silent mode, as well with my phone. If you can't find the address, you can call me or WhatsApp me before the class has begun. After I start teaching, I don't answer phone calls and messages.

The price for a single class is 17 euros. A package of 10 classes is €120. Please book your pass in advance if you want to join (limited participants allowed).

If you can't make it to the class, please cancel at least 6 hours before the class. This way you free the spot for someone who might want to join spontaneously and you can reuse your pass for another class.

You can book easily online at https://www.yordanka.at/ and pay by card/ PayPal/ or bank transfer (eversports booking software integrated).

You can also contact me and I will send you directly the receipt and payment details if it is easier for you.

WhatsApp: [+43 676 570 6388](tel:+43 676 570 6388) Email: yoga@yordanka.at or FB message

Being regular pays off! Get a package of 10 classes for 120 euros to make sure you will stay fit and active this winter.

The address is Bösendorferstraße 9, 1010 Vienna. Google it or simply type 'Yoga Kula' and follow your GPS instructions. The location is close to Karlsplatz and the Opera.

How to get here:

By Metro (U-Bahn): The closest U- Bahn station is Karlsplatz on the U1 & U4 lines. From there you only need to walk 1 minute to the studio. By Bus: The closest Bus stop is “Karlsplatz” on the 4Abus (walk 2 min). By Tram (Strassen-Bahn): “Oper, Karlsplatz U” station on Tram-line 71 (walk 230m).

Don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have any further questions. :) WhatsApp: [+43 676 570 6388](tel:+43 676 570 6388) Email: yoga@yordanka.at or FB message

*photo by Monarca Studios

About the teacher: My name is Yordanka. I am 32 years old, and originally from Bulgaria. Yoga has been my passion for more than half of my life already. I started as an anxious teenager with the simple, superficial goal to learn to meditate so that I can sit longer behind the chessboard ( at that time I was actively competing and seriously struggling to sit down and concentrate for hours). I ended up now teaching a dynamic yoga style, 'a yoga workout'(works best for calming down a busy mind). Besides that, I have a sports education (both my bachelor's and master's), I am a certified fitness instructor and I learned yoga in India.

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Mag. Yordanka Naydenova is 29 years old, originally from Bulgaria, based in Vienna since two years. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree "Sport and Training" and a Master's degree "Sport Management with a special additional focus on Sports psychology" from National Sports academy "Vasil Levski", Sofia, Bulgaria. She is as well certified in "Fitness and Fitness-Bodybuilding", "Aerobics, Callanetics, Stretching" and "Sports journalistic". She has accomplished 200 hours Yoga Alliance teacher training course in "Shiva Yoga Peeth", Rishikesh, North India. Yordanka is not only an educated and a dedicated specialist who is constantly improving, but she is also a warm-hearted person who will welcome you as a close friend. Her mission is to create an inspiring and safe community where you can workout motivated and meditate mindfully.

Cancellation conditions

Cancel minimum of 6 hours before beginning of the class if you want to use your pass for another class.