TATTVA SHUDDHI -elemental guided healing sessions and Mahabhuta invocations 

ALKEMY Yoga & Healing
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Under strong guiding wings of Maa, be healed and experience inner calm and tranquility. We bring to you wisdom of the sages, the blessings of Nature and Consciousness. Take home the medicine of right thought, with a deep understanding of yourself. Experience a revived inner self with happy coordinated and balanced elements within.

Topics covered in this 2 days immersion:

soul journey, evolution, and our psychophysiological states

introducing the nature of panch maha bhutas

evolution of the elements

relationship of elements with our prana & mind

chakras and elemental control

lokas from the universal dimension+ their triggers in our body

practical balancing session with a Vedic chant , group invocation for universal support

recognizing individual tattvas and finding the place of imbalance

Understanding Earth and Water

(Prithvi & Apah ) + Guided healing session for Earth and Water # Understanding Fire and Air ( Agni & Vayu ) + Guided healing session for Fire and Air # Understanding Ether ( Akash ) Bhutadi and Mahat # Karma Shuddhi and Mahabhoot Shanti mantras + Guided healing session for Ether, Bhutadi and Mahat


Maa Gyaan Suveera is the founder of the Ci Plus (Cosmic Intelligence +)  Evolutionary Path. She is a healer at heart, a gifted yogini, and a specialist of Life Force Energy. With more than three and a half decades into her blissful journey, she has transformed as a beacon to countless people. Her efforts hold high appreciation from people belonging to various spheres & walks of life. Maa has conducted workshops throughout India and abroad and is invited as a speaker and transformational coach to various international festivals and events.  She now takes personal processes and transforming Retreats for seekers at her home KIRTI HERMITAGE: Having mastered various applied versions of the healing streams that benefit people, 'Energy' is her core pursuit. 

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