HATHA YOGA Tuesday 18.30 - 19.40

Ballettschule DANCEWORLD
Starts on Tuesday, 02/11/2021 - 8 units
Address: Argentinierstraße 31, 1040 Wien
Price: 20.00 €


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2G ab 8. November in Österreich

Yoga offers a total life philosophy, a path to inner peace through connecting you mind, body and vital energy of breath. In the Hatha Yoga class we will concentrate on the physical movement practice connected to breathing, but expect some powerful deeper things as well.

What you will get: ✅ Physical improvement/flexibility, stability, strength ✅ Great improvement of your posture/core strength/shape ✅ Lots of energy for your daily life ✅ Centering of your mind ✅ Improvement of your breathing and health ✅ Feeling happy, productive and energised

Yoga is a journey that starts with the first step. Let us take it together now!!

➡️ Level: This class is for you if you: ✔️are a beginner ✔️have been already practicing for some time and want to go on ✔️are practicing and feel stuck in your progress Also - if you have never done yoga and want to start properly - come!

Teacher: Katerina Joumana is a certified yoga instructor. She has completed her 500-hour Yoga alliance certified teacher training in Rishikesh India. With extensive background in dance and anatomy Katerina will focus on the proper alignment and health benefits of the physical practice as well as on the subtler aspects of yoga.

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Katerina Joumana
Katerina started her dance education at the age of 5 with classical ballet. Having finished ballet school in her home town of Baikonur, Kasakhstan, she moved to Moscow, Russia, where she had worked for several dance companies and at the same time obtained a master's degree in economics and international business. Committed to life-long learning, Katerina continued to perfect her ballet technique over the years, studied modern/contemporary dance and bodywork (the Feldenkrais method of somatic education). Having fallen in love with Oriental/Middle-Eastern dance in 2004, Katerina devoted her career to this art form, won several international dance competitions and founded her dance company "Joumana Dance Show", which has been performing to ever increasing audiences for more than 10 years now. Having performed solo and with the company on four continents, Katerina relies on the traditional Middle-earstern dance and musical forms. However at the same time she gives them a contemporary touch, mixing the traditional with contemporary, working with various musicians and creating inspiring choreographies. She sees oriental dance as an art form, sending the message of not only beauty and elegance, but also acceptance, appreciation of various cultures, being open to new creative ideas and finding one's true potential. Katerina currently resides in Vienna, Austria, where she teaches classical ballet and middle-eastern dance to the new generations of dancers. She enjoys the transformative effect of dance on her students and continuing to learn from them. She manages and choreographs for her dance company, as well as travels extensively to teach and perform in various countries.


1.02/11/202118:30 - 19:40Argentinierstraße 31, 1040 WienKaterina Joumana
2.09/11/202118:30 - 19:40Argentinierstraße 31, 1040 WienKaterina Joumana
3.16/11/202118:30 - 19:40Argentinierstraße 31, 1040 WienKaterina Joumana
4.23/11/202118:30 - 19:40Argentinierstraße 31, 1040 WienKaterina Joumana
5.30/11/202118:30 - 19:40Argentinierstraße 31, 1040 WienKaterina Joumana
6.07/12/202118:30 - 19:40Argentinierstraße 31, 1040 WienKaterina Joumana
7.14/12/202118:30 - 19:40Argentinierstraße 31, 1040 WienKaterina Joumana
8.21/12/202118:30 - 19:40Argentinierstraße 31, 1040 WienKaterina Joumana

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