Aerial Yoga Morning Course

Starts on Wednesday, 04/03/2020 - 5 units
Address: Tendlergasse 11 -, 1090 Wien
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Aerial Yoga Morning Course ♥ In diesem 5 Wochen Aerial Yoga Kurs für Beginner lernst du die Grundlagen von Aerial Yoga in entspannter Atmosphäre und in einer kleinen Gruppe!

Aerial Yoga In this Course we focus on using gravity to work deeper into our muscles while having fun, flying in the air. This is a conscious workout with a beginning relaxation, breathing exercises, mindset, physical exercise (asanas) and a final relaxation (shavasana). Each class is rounded up by music, rituals (oils, incense, visualization) and a warm, familiar, authentic atmosphere.

▪ Heart-opening & Backbends Postures: Love yourself unconditionally

▪ Core: connect your Inner strength. This is an energetic, sweat- including class that focus on our Inner Element fire.

▪ Splits flexibility: Let go what doesn't serves you anymore

▪ Inversions: Overcoming Limited believes

▪ Relax & Recharge : Nourish mind, body and soul. Root down by the element earth. Expect grounding poses and longer holds to help you focus on your breath.

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1.04/03/202008:30 - 10:00Tendlergasse 11 -, 1090 WienTrainer
2.11/03/202008:30 - 10:00Tendlergasse 11 -, 1090 WienTrainer
3.18/03/202008:30 - 10:00Tendlergasse 11 -, 1090 WienTrainer
4.25/03/202008:30 - 10:00Tendlergasse 11 -, 1090 WienTrainer
5.01/04/202008:30 - 10:00Tendlergasse 11 -, 1090 WienTrainer

Cancellation conditions

Stornierungen sind online auf Eversports bis zu 24 Stunden vor Beginn möglich.