!! VERSCHOBEN !! Workshop Wochenende mit Adell Bridges - März 2020

doktor yoga 7 & Online (Livestreams)
Starts on Saturday, 28/03/2020 - 4 units
Address: Kirchengasse 1A, 1070 Wien
Price: from 80.00 €


80.00 €Ticket Samstag - Workshop Wochenende mit Adell  
80.00 €Ticket Sonntag - Workshop Wochenende mit Adell  
155.00 €Gesamtticket - Workshop Wochenende mit Adell mit Preisvorteil  


!! Wichtig: Dieser Workshop ist auf Grund aktueller Ereignisse verschoben, ein Ersatzdatum wird sobald wie möglich bekannt gegeben. !!

Wir haben im März ein Highlight für euch: Adell Bridges kommt für ein Wochenende zu doktor yoga nach Wien und unterrichtet 3 Workshops und eine Masterclass! Adell wird in englisch unterrichten und hat ein breit gefächertes Programm für euch vorbereitet - Faszien, Rückbeugen, Transitions und Inversions sind Teil des Workshop-Wochenendes.

Die Workshops im Detail:

Samstag 28.03.2020:


Get Your Feet Up Masterclass

A fun vinyasa flow class designed to get your feet up off the mat — that means lots of arm balances and inversions - with the chance to explore how physical challenges can teach us real-world lessons! With variations for everyone from arm balance beginners to the expert, we will move through a fun sequence of transitions and balances that will get the whole body involved.


What Happens Between: The Power of Transitions

The physical practice of yoga helps us get to know ourselves better through what our individual bodies tell us as we move. The transformative power of yoga begins with this ability to listen, and that is what we will do in this workshop. By breaking down common yoga transitions and postures, we will explore the beauty of each person's uniqueness, helping you grow your practice faster. By moving intelligently on our mats, we build the strength and flexibility that is the necessary foundation for a strong yoga practice.

Sonntag 29.03.2020:


Put Your Backbend Into It

Let's redefine the backbend and understand how it fits in the modern world. In this workshop we will look at the anatomy of a healthy, safe, and empowering backbend and how this relates to the posture we take to our yoga practice from our modern lifestyles. This is a workshop for anyone wanting to take their backbends to the next level, knowing that doesn't necessarily mean going deeper. We will explore some fun but challenging movements in ways that empower and strengthen, and build self-trust. As with all workshops with Adell, this will give you tools and tips to take into your existing yoga practice so you can carry on implementing what you learn in this workshop for weeks, months, and years to come!


What The Fascia!

Flexibility is a largely misunderstood concept. In this workshop we will look at the importance of flexibility and its relation to strength, we will deepen our understanding of the anatomy of flexibility, and we will explore ways to improve our own mobility through working the fascia lines. Finally I will equip you with some tools and techniques to take with you into your own asana practice to continue working towards greater mobility, flexibility, and strength.

Wo? doktor yoga Studio 1070, Kirchengasse 1,4. Stock, 1070 Wien

Wann? Samstag 28.03.2020 und Sonntag 29.03.2020

Jeweils 10:00-12:30 und 13:45-16:15 Uhr.

Wieviel? Ticket Samstag: 80 Euro Ticket Sonntag: 80 Euro Gesamtticket Wochenende: 155 Euro

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1.28/03/202010:00 - 12:30Kirchengasse 1A, 1070 Wiennot specified
2.28/03/202013:45 - 16:15Kirchengasse 1A, 1070 Wiennot specified
3.29/03/202010:00 - 12:30Kirchengasse 1A, 1070 Wiennot specified
4.29/03/202013:45 - 16:15Kirchengasse 1A, 1070 Wiennot specified

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