Gong Bath Masterclass - Vibrational Healing with Verena & Chris

ALKEMY Yoga & Healing
at 25/06/2022 20:00-22:00 o'clock (120 min)
Address: Gußhausstraße 2 /IX-XI Ecke Technikerstrasse, 1040 Wien
Price: from 33.00 €
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33.00 €25.6. ALKEMY Members Ticket (nur gültig mit aktivem ALKEMY Membership)  
44.00 €25.6. Gong Bath Masterclass regular  


Join this very special Sound healing guided by beautiful songs that draw you into magical inner landscapes, the deep frequencies of our huge rainbow gongs, crystal singing bowls, steel tongue drum and much more you can allow your body to relax, soften, and create openings within yourself to draw into your life more freedom of expression, more inner calmness and allover feelings of well being and balance.

This so called GongBath helps your nervous system to regulate itself, allow old patterns to gently dissolve, the beautiful body and mind to relax, help your energy to flow easier through your system and ease the grip of tension stored within the body.

Comfortably resting your head on the pillow, your body snuggled into a warm blanket, the room lit by soft candle light.

Come with us into 2 hours of magic, being gently vibrated with sound, rearranging what does not serve you so it can start to gently release without effort. As your frequencies harmonize, it might happen that you find yourself in a beautiful state of drifting in and out of being awake and half asleep. It's so relaxing.

Bring any item with you that you feel could help you relax even more as we want you to to be really comfortable.

If it feels good for you bring something to write, so you can write down what you have experienced or wishes what you would love to get clarity on or anything you'd love to release during the session. Sometimes we don't know what it is we need to bring more balance to within our life and that is also great, as insight often comes if we don't have any expectation. However it feels for you will be right on the GongBath evening.

Come as you are, in all of your glory and that also encompasses all that's not yet unveiled into the light. You are so beautiful and so welcome into the sacred space of Sound.

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Verena Magdalena (DE, EN)
Verena Magdalena is an experienced & certified Sound Medicine & Voice Alchemist, Singer&Songwriter, Gong and SoundBath Facilitator, Mother of 2 and Mermaid at Heart. From childhood on, she knew with every cell of her being that she was made for music. She guides people through group sound journeys, having held over 200+ visionary Soundhealing Sessions since Fall 2021 as she committed fully to her mission- and provides unique and intimate 1:1 sound healing sessions using the voice through song, creating save sound spaces with beautiful instruments such as the Gong, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Flute, Shamanic Drum, Monochord Harp, Chimes and many more.

Cancellation conditions

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