High Vibe Gong Night

Starts on Saturday, 13/05/2023 - 2 units
City: Gußhausstraße 2 /IX-XI Ecke Technikerstrasse, 1040 Wien


55.00 €Members High Vibe Gong Night (only with valid ALKEMY Membership)  
65.00 €High Vibe Gong Night regular  


Welcome to a Night of Gongs

The High Vibration Gong Night is a devotional time which honors and allows space for participants to harmonize mind, body and spirit. The Gong is a wonderful object and instrument which facilitates self-healing.

By creating a „climate“ of opportunity for self- healing, we can then carry that vibration of self-healing out into the world to inspire others to do the same. Being immersed in the sound vibrations of the gongs is incredibly relaxing, rejuvenating and creates an opportunity to repair, rebuild, unlock and unblock, expand and free a person from mental/emotional and/or physical issues.

The Gongs are played gently at night, especially for the newcomers to the Gong and you may choose to sleep or meditate.


10 pm Welcome Circle & Opening

Guided meditation and shamanic inner journey to ground and connect with yourself


Release ritual (fire or water element, guided by voice and instruments)

First gong bath (Info: each Gongbath is about 40 to 45 Minutes, each with an interlude in between, this has been proven best for the body to absorb the frequencies)

Interlude/mantra/guided gratitude meditation

Second gong bath

Interlude/ songs/ harp etc

Third gong bath

1 am Healing Sleep until 6am

6 am Gentle good morning crystal singing bowls sound meditation

7- 8 am Relaxed breakfast with sharing circle opportunity and goodbye

There will be time for you to get ready to sleep/brush your teeth/shower if needed.

Please bring your sleeping bag, a water bottle, comfortable clothing, a pillow (though we have those, but you might have a travel or favorite pillow as well). You may bring anything with you that helps you relax and that you have a connection to, i.e.: a favorite crystal, a gift from a loved one, a photo, your favorite necklace, a scent you like etc.

Please also bring a water bottle as we will inform our water with the frequencies of the Gong. Research has shown that water structures easily absorb surrounding frequencies (Read more on the research about sound & water via Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto). You will leave this experience with some High Vibe purified water to drink throughout the day.

Other equipment such as Yoga Mats, Blankets, Pillows are provided

We are happy to hold sound space for you!

With much love,

Verena Magdalena & Christian

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Verena Magdalena (DE, EN)
Verena Magdalena ist Klangmeisterin und Freiheitsbotschafterin. Sie widmet das Spektrum ihrer Stimme und Gehörs der inneren Befreiung. In einer - von u. A. Shruti Box, Crystal Singing Bowls, Trommel und Gong unterstützten- Sound Healing Session kommuniziert sie mit dem Feld der Töne, der Frequenzen und Schwingung um das einzuladen, was im jeweiligen Moment für die empfangenen Menschen erlaubt und benötigt ist. Von Singen bis zu eher ungewöhnlichen Sounds, hier ist alles willkommen. ----- (DE) Verena Magdalena is an experienced & certified Sound Medicine & Voice Alchemist, Singer&Songwriter, Gong and SoundBath Facilitator, Mother of 2 and Mermaid at Heart. From childhood on, she knew with every cell of her being that she was made for music. She guides people through group sound journeys, having held over 200+ visionary Soundhealing Sessions since Fall 2021 as she committed fully to her mission- and provides unique and intimate 1:1 sound healing sessions using the voice through song, creating save sound spaces with beautiful instruments such as the Gong, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Flute, Shamanic Drum, Monochord Harp, Chimes and many more.


1.13/05/202322:00 - 23:59Gußhausstraße 2 /IX-XI Ecke Technikerstrasse, 1040 WienVerena Magdalena (DE, EN)
2.14/05/202300:01 - 01:00Gußhausstraße 2 /IX-XI Ecke Technikerstrasse, 1040 WienVerena Magdalena (DE, EN)

Cancellation conditions

*cancellations possible until 7 days before event starts