"Authenticity“ Workshop in MÜNCHEN m. Kirk Baltz

Starts on Monday, 27/02/2023 - 4 units
City: Bergmannstraße 22, 80339 München


430.00 €"Authenticity" Workshop MUNICH  


Feb 27 – Mar 2 in Munich: Authenticity with Kirk Baltz - 'Go Beyond Performance'!

The progression is really quite simple:
Listen Fully…Let Go Completely…Respond Truthfully

Exercises will include:
Movement to release physical tension, Meisner repetition to build connection, Method based
relaxation to help with breath-work, Improv to help with trusting spontaneity and instinct, finding core truth in what we are saying while working with text … and more

We will be using scenes from the powerful screenplay MASS in the workshop - please DOWNLOAD from pa-studios.net!!

I know some of my students are struggling this season, so I’ve decided to gift all workshop participants 100€ discount. This is the largest discount I’ve ever given, because I want this class to be accessible to each of you. Today’s Artists need support, encouragement, community and a space for creative release now more than ever. My hope is that with all the heartbreak we’ve been through the past 2.5 years, this will help us dig in and return to our authentic selves.

I want to thank Performing Arts Studios in Munich for their commitment to giving Actors the home they need and deserve. Here’s to a vibrant 2023.

YOURS Kirk Baltz

If you are a RETURNER to Kirk's Workshops or wish to book via bank transfer, please contact us directly: info@pa-studios.net

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Kirk Baltz
From the start of his career, Kirk Baltz has studied extensively in NYC and LA with such noted teachers as Sandra Seacat, Greg Zittle, Susan Batson, Tony Greco, and Penny Allen; who are responsible for the training (and in some cases the continued coaching), of such actors as: Ryan Gosling, Nicole Kidman, Shia Labeouf, Andrew Garfield, Laura Dern, Mickey Rourke, Jesicca Lange, Harvey Keitel and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Kirk Baltz has appeared in such recent television shows as: Snowfall and NCIS:Los Angeles, as well as 24, The Fugitive, Will & Grace, The Shield, Without A Trace, NYPD Blue. He is also know for his tremendous work in a number of iconic feature films such as: Bulworth, Natural Born Killers, Reservoir Dogs, Face/Off, Dances With Wolves and Taylor Hackford’s Parker. Deniz Erguven’s Kings, Alan Watt’s Interior Night, and the critically acclaimed short films The Armoire written and directed by Evan Cooper as well as Demon by Caleb Slain are more recent additions. Kirk will soon be seen in Gingers written by Jack Depp, directed by Dexter Demme and co-starring Cooper Hoffman. Represented by Metropolitan Talent Agency and Endorse Management Group in Los Angeles.


1.27/02/202310:00 - 17:00Bergmannstraße 22, 80339 MünchenKirk Baltz
2.28/02/202310:00 - 17:00Bergmannstraße 22, 80339 MünchenKirk Baltz
3.01/03/202310:00 - 17:00Bergmannstraße 22, 80339 MünchenKirk Baltz
4.02/03/202310:00 - 17:00Bergmannstraße 22, 80339 MünchenKirk Baltz

Cancellation conditions

Limited Spaces! No Cancellations after purchase of your ticket. We kindyl ask you for your understanding. However, if the Corona-Regulations do not allow for the workshop to happen, you will be reimbursed fully.