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Feelgood Limited Membership

Abo | monatliche Zahlung
58,00 / month
Minimum runtime: 3 months
4 participations / month


4 classes per month: your membership is valid for all our online and offline classes in all our locations! You can practice four times per month, any time, any day - we re happy to have you.

Your membership includes:

  • 4 classes of your choice in all three studios and online
  • Free rental mat in our studios 1040 & 1070
  • Free mat storage in our studio
  • Pause your membership for free when you are away for more than a week!

Workshops, trainings, yoga beginner courses, and other special events are not included

Terms & conditions Your get 4 units (classes) per month. Your 4 units cannot be transferred to the next month, if you do not use them within the one month period. Your membership has a minimum duration of three months. After that, it will be continuously renewed for one more month. After expiration of the minimum term of three months, the membership contract can be terminated by giving one month's notice to the last of a "contract month". The period "one month" always runs from the day of purchase till the day before in the next month, e.g. day of purchase = 3.4., the "month" goes till 2.5.

Your membership is yours only and cannot be transferred to another person. Units that you have not used up in the payment period expire. 

Our general terms & conditions apply

Payment terms & cancellation

The first payment will be charged on 12/07/2024. Afterwards, you will be charged every 1 month.
It is always possible to cancel the membership within its cancellation conditions.
Otherwise, it will automatically be extended at the end of the current runtime by 1 month.
If you purchase your membership online, you can cancel it online in the membership details. If you buy the membership directly at the facility, the cancellation must be submitted in written form to the facility.
By completing the purchase you verify that you are at least 18 years old.