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Einzelklasse Special – Drop-in

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Eine ganz besondere Einzelkasse in unserem Studio. Wir unterrichten klassisches Hatha Yoga und Kundalini Yoga.

Willkommen zuhause!

Number of included units
1 unit
Valid from
Duration of validity
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Valid at
  • Matsya Yoga
Included activities
  • Kundalini Yoga and Deep Sound Relaxation
  • Great Kundalini Yoga - English
  • Great Saturday Yoga Experience
  • Goddess Yoga mit Vanessa
  • YIN YOGA and Sound Immersion
  • Pranayama, YIN and Mantra Yoga
  • A Pranayama & Yin Yoga journey- English
  • YIN inspired Kundalini
  • Advanced Kundalini Yoga
  • Lightfest - Golden Milk & Yoga ( de/en)
  • Relaxing YIN Yoga & live Soundbath (de/en)
  • A Journey Into Transformation - Mantra
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