Video library Pralaya-based Ashtanga Yoga | Improving spread foot forward bend

Pralaya-based Ashtanga Yoga | Improving spread foot forward bend

Ashtanga yoga
120 min
Robert Boustany
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About the class

In this class Robert Boustany starts off with answering a question about rotation of the legs in Siddhasana and goes into the relation between pranayama, bandhas, opening the spinal column and your physiological capacity. He also explains how bandhas and pranayama can improve digestion which can support your general health and longevity.

The physical practice starts with sun salutations and standing poses. Using Prasarita Padottanasana as a reference pose, Robert guides us through all kinds of subtle details in both traditional Ashtanga and Pralaya poses. You will find how this helps you to improve your spread foot forward bend. It all connects into a strong and energizing sequence of asanas. With a beautiful relaxation at the end.

This is definitely a class to repeat a few times in order to get your body to learn how to practice on a deeper level.

Certification for 200H/300H Teacher Training This class is part of Yogasite's 200h & 300h Teacher Training taught by Robert Boustany. If you want this replay to count for your certification, please send your answer on the following question to

How many times do you do Prasarita Padottanasana in this class ;)?

About the trainer/teacher

Robert Boustany has instructed yoga classes for forty-one years. He is a physicist, who has been teaching yoga for 50 years. He is known for a details understanding of the anatomy of poses, and offers energetic, and therapeutic reasons for alignments. For more information about Robert, take a look at our and his website: &