Video library "Yoga against Anxiety & Depression" - ALLE LEVEL - 30min

"Yoga against Anxiety & Depression" - ALLE LEVEL - 30min

Jivamukti Yoga
30 min
All levels
Kali Empl (engl.)
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About the class

Anxiety & Depression Attacking? ATTACK BACK! Our modern lives have us disconnected from nature, which is, at least in part, why so many of us are experiencing these uncomfortable mind states, especially with the ongoing Covid circumstances! This video will describe and guide you with some structured tips and techniques, based on ayurvedic yoga principles, to help you reconnect with your natural elemental state. Let's get well together.

About the trainer/teacher

Through university studies including a business degree from the University of Houston and another in fashion illustration & design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, I would take yoga classes at gyms & yoga studios, always viewing the classes as just another form of exercise. However, I had no idea how deep it could get and what comfort and sustenance I could find there until I was somewhere in my thirties. I began to see that all the yoga I was doing was not exercise, but exorcise. It was bringing to my attention negative energy & behavior patterns inside myself and giving me the ability to let go of them. I felt more peace. I felt more freedom to be fully myself — with all the messy emotions and perceived imperfections. When I stumbled upon Jivamukti Yoga — in the form of a DVD borrowed from the library — it all came together and I heard a resounding “YES!” deep inside my heart. One thing I have gained from the yoga practices is a strong sense of connection — we have always been here, we always will be here, and are completely supported by an infinitely intelligent Universe of unconditional love. We just keep changing forms, ever-journeying along the path towards complete understanding. I recognize all life forms as holy beings of infinite potential and invite each of you reading this to resist the deceptive outer appearance of form & mental chatter, which only brings suffering to the practitioner, but instead, to remember Self, non-egoic limitless consciousness, using techniques of sense integration and dynamic actions of passionate self-inquiry, meditation and surrender. May peace and goodness prevail!