FEMININE MOVEMENT Kurs DO (04.05. - 06.06.)

Starts on Tuesday, 02/06/2020
Price 200.00 €


Discover the arch of your spine and curve of your hips. This movement class is designed to awaken your feminine genius.

Get comfy on a yoga mat and join us for an empowering movement sequence. Get to know your curves through an effective movement sequence that will increase strength, flexibility and overall health. You will learn to listen and breathe while you move in our ancient, most naturally feminine way, reclaiming your body one curve at a time.

This movement practice is for any woman, regardless of age or fitness level. Pregnant women are welcome to join!

8 x 90min / 04.05. - 06.06.2019 (kein Kurs am 25.04. & 30.05.)

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