Pre-/Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training (30 hours)

Startet am Saturday, 20/11/2021
Price 480.00 €


Continuing Education Hours 24 Contact Hours 6 Non-Contact Hours

Educational Categories

  • Techniques, Training & Practice (TTP)
  • Teaching Methodology (TM)
  • Anatomy & Physiology (AP)
  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics (YPLE)

Description In this 30 hours course trainees will practice asanas for each trimester, will learn about do's and don'ts, the use of props as well as adjustments. Sequences for pregnant women as well as for the 4th trimester (“postpartum magic”) will be experienced. The training also covers the practice of prenatal restorative classes, as well as breathing techniques for pregnant women and for the time after birth. An insight for birth rituals and more, as well as the focus on the pelvic floor & Mama & Baby Yoga complete this program.

Trainees will learn to understand

  • how the female body changes during pregnancy
  • how the yoga asana practice should be adapted
  • about hormonal shifts during pregnancy
  • biomechanics of the expectant mother

Additional course details – Trainees will discuss

  • Energy conservation and expenditure as well as themes like miscarriage and organ functions will be explored.
  • Special emphasis will be laid on pelvic and abdominal awareness.
  • Trainees will also be provided with considerations concerning early or advanced age pregnancy, signs and stages of labor, birthing options, premature labor etc.
  • The classes also cover the '4th trimester' – the early days’ postpartum, postpartum depression, nutrition for breast-feeding and more.
  • From the medical background there will be given a good and safe overview on what expecting mamas may experience.
  • Further we will look at the nutritional aspect during and after pregnancy.
  • And more will be given: affirmations, meditation techniques and an idea of what birth may be and change.

As part of the training, you will

  • Receive a manual that outlines the content and the topics covered in this course.
  • Complete an assignment to reinforce learning and to deepen a personal experience.
  • Participate in workshops and group discussions to explore our understanding of the different subjects.
  • Have opportunities to practice teaching
  • Receive a certificate upon completion of final assignment and 30 Continuing Education Credits through the Yoga Alliance (24 contact + 6 non-contact hours)

The course will be taught in GERMAN by Mag. Dr. med. Julia Rakus.

Additional Information:

  • Saturday, November, 20th – 10:00-5:30 pm (Austria, CET)
  • Sunday, November, 21st – 10:00-5:30 pm
  • Wednesday, December, 8th (holiday) – 9:00-5:30 pm.

Each day will have a one-hour lunch break. In addition, there will be 6 hours of non-contact content in the form of readings and an assignment. Full attendance is required in order to obtain a Certificate of Completion.

Price: € 480,-

Trainer :

Julie Rakus (DE,EN)

Julies Stunden sind vielfältig, bunt und sprühen vor guter Laune. Die Ärztin und Yogalehrerin hat ihren Schülern viel mitzugeben und für jede Lebensphase einen Rat. Sie selbst hätte Yoga gerne schon früher entdeckt, um mit Emotionen besser umzugehen. Julie sieht das Leben als Gesamtkunstwerk und lernt und lehrt damit zufrieden zu sein: Tat Tvam Asi – das bist Du. Julie sieht die Matte als Praxis alltägliche Situationen zu meistern und ist der Meinung, dass das Verhalten auf der Matte Aufschluss über verschiedene Lebenssituationen gibt. Julie unterrichtet Privatstunden, Schwangeren-Yoga, Mama-Baby-Stunden, Anfängerstunden, Vinyasa-Einheiten für Gruppen und Freak-Out-Stunden.


1.20/11/202110:00 - 17:30Burggasse 31, 1070 WienJulie Rakus (DE,EN)
2.21/11/202110:00 - 17:30Burggasse 31, 1070 WienJulie Rakus (DE,EN)
3.08/12/202109:00 - 17:30Burggasse 31, 1070 WienJulie Rakus (DE,EN)


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