Bratislava: Záklony a Sebeláska

Starts on Monday, 10/14/2019
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Self love is one of those cliche terms like 'gratitude' or 'let go' that we keep hearing all the time and they sound great but we really don't know what they mean. In this two hour class we will practice yoga the way I like it the best: on and off the mat. You can prepare for a 90 minute backbending class (workshop style) where I will show you my favourite way to work towards unlocking the spine and opening the body to its full range of motion followed by a talk and meditation. As a born people pleaser a.k.a. person who puts other people's wishes and needs before how own I've struggled with self worth and self love for a big part of my life. Taking care of other people is still one of my top needs but I have also learned that I can do that only when I have given enough love myself. In other words: in this masterclass I want to show you how to work through your body towards more loving relationship towards yourself as well as everyone around you.

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1.10/14/201918:30 - 20:30Obchodná 558, 811 06 BratislavaSara


Môžeš sa odhlásiť max 2 týždne pred začiatkom workshopu.

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