Bratislava: Sila, stojky a limitujúce presvedčenia

Starts on Tuesday, 10/15/2019


Limiting beliefs are opinions we hold about ourselves and the world that constrain us and hold us back in some way. The stronger is our belief, the more reason we find to support it even though most limiting beliefs are simply not true. We have created these rules unconsciously based on our life experiences and carry them with ourselves throughout our life and allow them to prevent us from taking action and growing. Working through your limiting beliefs can have a profoundly positive impact on your self-worth, confidence and personal empowerment. In this workshop we will practice on and off the mat. Starting with a powerful vinyasa focused on strength and inversions we will gradually work up towards forearm stands. The second part of the workshop will be full of talking, journaling, and breaking free from what is limiting us. All levels can join.

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1.10/15/201918:30 - 20:30Obchodná 558, 811 06 BratislavaSara


Storno max 2 týždne pred začiatkom workshopu.

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