Forrest Yoga Anatomy & Physiology CET

Starts on Friday, 07/10/2022


6 Day Continuing Education Training for Yoga Teachers of any yoga style or lineage who has completed a 200hr TT with any yoga school. Also for all students of yoga who feel ready to deepen their understanding.

This 42hrs CET taught by Forrest Yoga Guardian Jambo Truong (UK) is also a core module towards the Forrest Yoga 300-Hour-Certification.

Please note: Kick off on 14th October only Online (live via Zoom) 26th - 30th October in-person at the studio


An understanding of functional anatomy is critical for yoga teachers: to be able to identify weak and under-functioning muscles and which yoga poses to engage them, build strength and flexibility. What you will learn is grounded in and informed by Forrest Yoga practices, but is applicable to any approach to yoga.

This module goes beyond the basic anatomy and physiology training included the mot yoga teacher trainings and will take your understanding to the next level.

We will explore the anatomy of the structural and cosmetic muscles that make up your body. You will also explore exactly how yoga practice affects and changes your physiology. You will learn about emotions associated with different parts of your body, though the fascial system.

Learn techniques for working one-on-one with specific pain syndromes through partner work, explore engaging with fascia through hands on assists, and experience „seeing and empathing“ exercises that will help you understand and expand your perception in the yoga room.

The immersive experience that Jambo creates enables you as the teacher and practitioner to have a clearer understanding of anatomy and physiology in yoga. This will help you to feel more confident and competent in teaching and sharing your message with the world.

Daily asana with an emphasis on a theme will give you the opportunity to apply these concepts in your own practice, learning how to modify based on each person’s biomechanical patterns and unique needs. Afternoon sessions will focus on how to bring these deep experiences of anatomy, personal modifications and healing to yourself and your students.

Courses with Jambo contain a strong element of self-development, that will help you to grow as a teacher and a person. Most importantly, you will develop more trust in your own sense of touch and marvel at the new depths you will begin to feel.


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