Embodying Spirit through Inversions

Starts on Wednesday, 15/06/2022
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Workshop Series with Forrest Yoga Guardian Jambo Truong

Language: English

Wednesday 15th June 2022 17:00-19:30 LIGHTNESS OF INVERSIONS This workshop focuses on co-ordination of the abdominal core and its relationship with shoulder stability and shoulder injuries. Lightness is developed by integrating muscles and joints in all movement patterns. Expect to experience several modifications and methods of hands on as well as verbal assists.

Thursday (Fronleichnam) 16th June 2022 FOREARM BALANCE 10:00 - 13:00 This workshop begins our day with a ceremony to help us set the intent to navigate through the concepts and triggers that come with inverting into forearm balance. The asana section includes several modifications with a gradual build up to enable practitioners to walk away with sequencing skills to speed up their forearm balance practise. There are several variations of the poses as well as therapeutic poses to support joint stability, strength building and lightness in poses.

HANDS ON ASSIST 14:30 - 17:00 This workshop breaks down the previous session with hands on assists for all of the forearm balance variations. By including the fundamental preliminary poses, practitioners will walk away with the skills to do hands on assists for abdominal exercises and poses that support forearms, shoulders and neck. These workshops are open level and can be taken by anyone who wishes to supplement their forearm balance practise with the objective to meet all requirements, no matter your health or yoga experience experiences.

Friday 17th June 2022 10:00 - 13:00 BODYWORK Back 14:30 - 17:00 BODYWORK Shoulders These workshops are non-yoga related and completely bodywork focused. Each session offers techniques to enable practitioners to understand the process of giving and receiving bodywork sessions. This type of bodywork routine is rarely taught by Jambo and is part of his series of bodywork-completion stages techniques. Expect a combination of oil and dry techniques, myofascia and soft tissue work as well as acupressure for physical and emotional symptoms relating to the shoulders and back.

Trainer :

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Jambo Truong

Jambo is a multi-disciplinary practitioner who specialises in functional anatomy and psycho-spiritual practices that are related to yoga and bodywork. One of the few selected Forrest Yoga Guardians and co-founder of Yoga Bodyworkers, Jambo spends his time studying, researching and teaching in order to demystify a practice that we love to practice. Jambo holds a degree in Complementary Medicine with special interests in Muscle Testing and Classical East Asian Medicine. He is a speaker and participates in research around Well-Being & Complexity studies and is associated with University of Northumbria & Cape Town. Jambo also shares his passion for psycho-somatic practices he has gleaned from apprenticing with various leaders from a variety of native traditions as well as aspects of psychotherapy.


1.15/06/202217:00 - 19:30Beatrixgasse 28, 1030 WienJambo Truong
2.16/06/202210:00 - 13:00Beatrixgasse 28, 1030 WienJambo Truong
3.16/06/202214:30 - 17:00Beatrixgasse 28, 1030 WienJambo Truong
4.17/06/202210:00 - 13:00Beatrixgasse 28, 1030 WienJambo Truong
5.17/06/202214:30 - 17:00Beatrixgasse 28, 1030 WienJambo Truong


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