EXTENDED GONGBATH - A Ritual of Recovering the True Face

Starts on Saturday, 01/04/2023
Price 55.00 €


In this 3-hour Gongbath you are going to immerse yourself into the journey of recovering your original face, that exists before you and your environment create any concepts and ideas. When you investigate this, you are connecting to your most primal, original self. This self is the essence of all being. If we can only get a glimpse of that, we can open ourselves to inner freedom, unaffected by our own stories and our mind. 

The word „recovery“ is being described as the regaining of something lost. You are your own thief, robbing yourself of the ability to see beyond your stories and concepts, to see your true face. So, what you’ll actually be recovering in this process is your ability to see your truth. 

The Extended Gongbath is an invitation for you to devote yourself to sweeping away thoughts, concepts and stories. In Zen Buddhism it is said that thoughts are like clouds. When the clouds have cleared, the moon appears. That moon of eternal truth is the True Face. 

We will start the journey with practices to relax, soften into the body, tune into your intention and surrender to the path ahead. You will gently be guided by the sounds of the gongs and other instruments such as singing bowls and koshis, followed by moments in complete silence. It is in the breaks inbetween where infinity can be sensed and the door to the True Face can be entered.

It is recommended to wear warm clothes and socks. Bring a water bottle and everything else you might need to get really comfortable and relax. Make sure to drink enough water before and not come with a full belly.

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1.01/04/202319:00 - 22:00Parisergasse 6, 1010 WienAnja

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