6 healing sounds Qigong // GONG BATH

Startet am Saturday, 16/03/2024
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A traditional Chinese health qigong sequence with a history of than 1500 years, that combines moderate body exercise with a specific breathing technique.

The breathing part includes vocalizing of 6 different sounds during the exhalation.

A blend of body coordination with controlled breathing during the practice helps us to reach a state of deep relaxation with yet a sharp focus and clear mind. And vibrations of the sound on the exhalation provide a smooth massage of internal organs during the movement. This in turn promotes improvement of the blood flow and gas exchange within the body.

And altogether with the slow, mindful, body movement brings calmness into our entire nervous system, allowing us to balance physical, emotional, mental and spiritual vibrations, transform unsupportive feelings or thoughts, enhance our health and well-being. 

The qigong practice will be followed by a magnificent Gong bath session that will significantly deepen the experience and outcome of the practice.

And besides all, will allow us to enjoy a self love and care time in a peaceful, calm and truly healing atmosphere.

All Levels welcome.

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QiGong Health certificated teacher Tai Chi certificated teacher


1.16/03/202417:30 - 19:30Parisergasse 6, 1010 WienYana


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