Starts on Saturday, 03/09/2022


Saturday, 3.9.2022 - TANGO MANGO GRAND MILONGA - 9:00 pm - 04:00 am @Urania

Hola queridas tangueras y queridos tangueros,

we invite you to our special event on Saturday, 3rd of September: Tango Mango Grand Milonga! Ok, maybe we could have found a better name, but it’s our first Evening Milonga, so give us time ;).

For this special occasion we are happy to announce an exciting location in the center of Vienna, near the Danube Canal: the Urania. The great hall in situated on the top of the building with multiple terraces offering breathtaking views over the city.

Our guest performers this night will be Duddie and Salomé from Munnich, sharing their passion for tango with us and of course Bruno & Rocío with their playfulness and unique expression. On the weekend of our Milonga, you also have the opportunity to learn from and with them in different workshops. All infos here: https://tangomango.at/event/tango-weekend-with-bruno-and-rocio/.

We also can’t wait to listen to DJ David Mancini´s great music that will keep us dancing all night - our feet may hurt after this milonga, but rest assured, we will be happy! Or as David would phrase it: „The challenge as a DJ is following and leading the emotions of the ronda, in order to generate the perfect energy flow, building a path to happiness.“

TANGO MANGO GRAND MILONGA: Saturday, 3.9.2022, 9:00 pm. - 04:00 am @Urania-Sternwarte, Uraniastraße 1, 1010 Wien with DJ David Mancini Grand Performance: Bruno and Rocío Guest Performance: Duddie and Salomé Costs: 30€ / 25€ YOUNG (one drink included) _discount YOUNG = under 30 years old

Add-ons: You will have the possibility to check out some tango shoes from Tangolera: https://tangolerashoes.com/gb/ as well as tango clothing from designer and creator Anita Koller: http://www.modecreator.com.

We will await you with hugs and party-mood, looking forward to celebrating and dancing together!

Big hugs Marcelo and Noemi

PS: Yes, there will be an amazing bar. And yes, we will have a signature drink waiting for you. Don’t worry as much as we like mangos, the signature drink has nothing to do with mangos.

PPS: And yes, you can get with your free drink even our signature drink - and you won’t regret it!


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