Starts on Saturday, 01/04/2023
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Jump forward, jump through & float like a Ninja. 

Tipps und Tricks mit denen du lernst über die Matte zu schweben. Nach vorne "floaten" oder kontrolliert und mühelos in Armbalancen segeln: level up your Vinyasa game!  

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Mike is co-founder of SWEET SPOT, a yoga teacher, personal trainer, bodyworker, runner, swimmer and movement enthusiast. From a young age he has been practicing yoga and meditation and studied functional anatomy and holistic therapeutic approaches. Mike's yoga style is a blend of Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Katonah Yoga, Functional Movement, HIIT training, and martial arts moves. Unconventional, playful, and persistent, he creates a framework in which growth and transformation are facilitated on all levels. He teaches teachers in the SWEET SPOT Academy, is a lay monk in the Soto Zen tradition, an Ostheo Thai practitioner, a dedicated barista and number one fan of the Brooklyn Nets.


1.01/04/202310:30 - 12:30Hauptplatz 11, 8010 GrazMike


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