Handstand Workshop with Ulrik Ask Fossum

Starts on Saturday, 01/18/2020
Price from 80.00 €


Day 1: No pre request needed. This day fits people who are curious but can not balance in a handstand yet. The attendees will get a through understanding on how to practice to balance a straight aligned handstand. We will cover these topics: - Understanding handstand practice - Tools for alignment - How to create balance - How to enter a handstand - Q and A

Day 2: This day is for people who have spent some time in a handstand already. We will repeat the most important take aways from day 1, and introduce a few new concepts. - Alignment work - Balance work - What comes after balance in a straight handstand - Tools for learning different shapes - Tools for learning press to handstand - Time to practice on your own thing with input from a teacher - Q and A

We recommend day 1 if you are a complete beginner. If you have some experience day 1 and day 2. And if you are more experienced; day 2.


1.01/18/202015:00 - 17:30Obergfellplatz 2/1, 1210 Wiennot specified
2.01/19/202013:30 - 16:30Obergfellplatz 2/1, 1210 Wiennot specified


Stornierungen sind bis 1 Woche vor Workshopbeginn kostenlos möglich. Bis zu 48h vorher werden 50% der Kosten rückerstattet.

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