Hip Hop Vinyasa Flow

Starts on Wednesday, 09/18/2019
Price 50.00 €


Join Jonah Kest for a breathtaking practice... The balance of ancient asana, dynamic flow, and modern day hip hop beats are sure to ignite your spirit! This 90 minute experience will leave you feeling energized and free! Come feel the raw connection of body and mind through vinyasa yoga!

Teacher :

Jonah Kest

NATURE LOVER . KNOWLEDGE SEEKER . SPIRITUAL GANGSTER . YOGI . Jonah Kest has been a student of yoga since day one. Surrounded by his mother, father, and uncle, who were mid-western vinyasa trailblazers, he spent his early years observing and learning from the best. His love and passion for the mind-body connection grew and at age 17, Jonah became a yoga teacher under the tutelage of his father, Jonny Kest. Over the years, his upbringing has translated into a committed asana practice, daily meditation, and consistent cultivation of gratitude. His grace, compassion, and inspiring intensity are evident in everything he does – both off and on the mat.


1.09/18/201916:00 - 18:00Schönbrunner Straße 31, 1050 WienJonah Kest


Stornierungsfrist 72 Stunden vor Beginn der Aktivität

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