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Starts on Friday, 08/11/2019
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This workshop is about your own story, your own journey towards handstands! I am here to support you and guide you in this upside down tale of embracing courage, finding power and creating awesomeness... If you have not done handstands ever before, or you are strugelling to stay up, Come and join me in this adventure.

With plenty of drills to adress diferent challenges we will support each other to rise higher in the skill of handstands. What to expect? Hard work, big laughs, monkey vibes, and a soft end. Duration? 2 and half hours of playtime.

pre-requierments: Non, just have the willingness to practice and have fun.

Hip-Mobility: Happy hippie hips

Our joint mobility is the key to unlock our full potential and become free to move as we wish. This will be an explorative workshop, meaning that we will be discovering new ways to enter and exit 'old poses', creating a range of movement that is functional to our daily life and sport, reduces the risk of injury and re-defines our potential. Fluidity in movement, specific strengthening drills and active flexibility will be in our hip agenda. We will also develop a stronger and more aware connection to our core in order to provide stability and strength in movement. What to expect? Get ready to sweat and have fun being challenge. Duration: 2 and half hours

Teacher :

Andres Covelli

The desire to move every part of my body, the passion to be anything I can imagine, the need to play in life; to stand on my hands and spin on my head, to bend backwards and forward, to roll over like a little kid, to fall over just to get up again. This is how I learnt to live my life. Lover of nature, collector of tattoos, believer of magic and the power of love…. This is what led me to yoga years ago. I wanted to keep the energy flowing and to challenge myself daily. The combination of strength, peace, balance and power that yoga offers, caught my attention immediately. Bhavanga, is a Sanskrit word for Constant Flow, it creates dynamic classes, experiences and moments of connection. Breathe, balance, connection, movement, love and have fun!


1.08/11/201919:00 - 21:30Salzburgerstr 23a, 6380 Sankt Johann in TirolAndres Covelli
2.09/11/201916:00 - 18:30Salzburgerstr 23a, 6380 Sankt Johann in TirolAndres Covelli

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