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Starts on Monday, 30/01/2023
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'We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.' Albert Einstein

An ongoing conscious dance group

Breaking the habit of being yourself aims to open a space for people who wish to have a change in their life. Transformation happens naturally when the mental, emotional and physical habits are brought into the light of our awareness. When we look at how we move, think and feel, we can choose to stay as we are or to jump into change.

Conscious dance shifts the mind, transforms the body, and heals the heart. Old habits and patterns are replaced with clarity, lightness, vitality, and joyful choices for living.

In three weeks, we will explore how we can develop our awareness to a level that will allow us to choose our way clearly. On the dance floor and in our life.

An ongoing three-week group is a well-held container that allows the process to be safe, playful and exciting.

The method - OPEN FLOOR - Conscious Dance

OPEN FLOOR is a lively dance meditation practice that builds physical and emotional intelligence and awareness. It is a dance floor discovery zone where we move and include whatever is present for us right now, good days and tough ones, passion, hesitance, joy, sorrow, births, deaths and everything in between.

When we move our body with awareness, we open the possibility to experience the deeper sides of us. We explore our deeper selves and learn how to recognise who we truly are under our minds' layers of stories, structures and patterns.

There are no steps to learn and no way to be wrong.

This course for:

  • People who love movement and dance.
  • People who enjoy expressing themselves in motion.
  • People who love to connect with others.
  • People who need a safe space to express their passions, joy and pain.
  • People who like to explore themselves and dive deep into their humanity.
  • People who want to improve their health and well-being, their relationships with themselves and others.
  • People who want to create better possibilities and open new life opportunities.
  • People who want to see a change in their life and way of thinking.
  • People who love being in a process with same-minded others.

What will you get?

  • A safe space where you can express your uniqueness in a creative environment, move, dance, and connect to yourself and others.
  • Develop your body awareness and learn how to recognise mind patterns.
  • Deepen the understanding of intertwining mental, emotional and body interactions.
  • Learn useful tools to live more present and with greater awareness.
  • Learn practical meditation and embodiment tools to support your weekly routine.
  • Practical tools to deal with emotional challenges.
  • Valuable tools to improve relationships and enjoy all interactions better.
  • Get a weekly focus pointer or task to look at and explore in your daily routine and interactions.
  • Personal support when facing personal challenges.
  • Connection to same-minded people who wishes to improve their lives, just like you.

The process:

Module one: 80% body - 20% head!

I often find myself walking in the street, noticing that I am 80% in my head. Not feeling much, not seeing much, not sensing much, or in other words, not living much! This can be easily changed by the shift of attention, from thinking human to embodied being.

Our body has the wisdom, the knowledge and the experience of how to take us deep into the possibilities of life. Unfortunately, the mind, or the HEAD, is standing many times, in the middle of the road, like a childish boy and shouts - STOP! In this model, we will choose to drop our attention to the body and leave alone the habit of being walking heads.

Module two: The Emotional Vibration

Sometimes, I walk the whole morning with complaints in my heart, cannot tell what it is about, everything is not right, and many people around me are to blame. The moment I realise this vibration is when the possibility of change arises.

In this module, we will listen to our emotional habitual vibration and learn to recognise and transform it. There are many reasons to be grateful, joyful, expanding and loving. What stands between us and the new vibration is just an old pattern we can easily excuse, forgive and let go of.

Module three: Our soul - Our true call

The most important call for all souls is to come back home to the source of all forms, but until this happens, there are few unique things we might want to create and give to this world. This module will teach us how to listen to our unique inner whisper. What is it that our soul wants to create? Our new vibration will support our particular soul purpose.

Changing the habit of being yourself is changing the world.

Word to conclude, we are standing in front of very challenging times on a global and personal level. The only way to stand those turbulences is by letting go of fear, anxiety and other bad habits we picked along the way and making space for change to come into our bodies, hearts and souls. The change we create inside us is the change we will see in the world. The more people return to their true essence, and the faster these challenging times will be over. It's our mission to create islands of sanity to heal our old habits and the world!

Idan's practice:

Idan offers dynamic, creative tools and resources to move through life, fully embodied with greater awareness. Idan uses the universal language of dance to improve awareness, personal development, self-discovery, connection and healing.

Idan will guide you gently through the various movement cycle phases. It may include structured exercises, verbal guidance, time just to dance and explore, and time to settle back.

Idan's supportive music landscape is directed to inspire wild dances and tender ones, connections between dancers, and solo time.

You can listen to Idan's music here:


Coming from a Theatre background, Idan has been working worldwide with individuals and groups in the embodiment movement, art and conscious living since 2001. Besides his Open Floor International qualification, he is also an Iyengar Yoga Certified Teacher.

With his long experience working with polarised communities and groups in Israel, Palestine, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Ukraine, Kenya, France, Austria and the USA, Idan brings a unique flavour and clear perspective to his practice.

Idan is constantly learning, improving his skills, widening his toolkit, and curious about deepening our conscious living experience. He is evolving his work and keeps refining it. He is inspired by the individuals and the groups he is working with. His passion for conscious awareness and conscious living adds a strong drive, energy and an authentic flavour to his work.

Find more about Idan Meir and Embodied Movement For Conscious Living at

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