Tori McGrory - Rope & Silks Workshop

Starts on Monday, 02/09/2019
Price 45.00 €


Tori's workshops are suitable for aerialists of all abilities. With focus on general technique and skills for beginner aerialist, moving onto more advanced techniques and dynamic skills for those more experienced.

Her workshops integrate the teaching of her own movement materiel and tricks, as well as the general skills that influence Tori's style. Such as swings, release and catch movements, roll ups and roll downs, and drops. Tori also includes exploration/adaptions of skills to suit an individuals body.

She takes time with her students to illustrate that every body is different and that it is through our unique qualities that we all have the potential to create inspiring movement.

Prerequisites: solid inversions & comfortable with basic aerial vocabulary

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1.02/09/201919:30 - 21:30Domgasse 8, 1010 WienLena


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