Livia Etelka - Gyrokinesis Workshop

Starts on Monday, 11/11/2019
Price 45.00 €


Originally called ‘Yoga for Dancers’, the GYROKINESIS Method is an exercise system that invigorates the entire body, awakening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion and creating functional, supple strength through rhythmic, flowing movement sequences.

Smoothly and harmoniously connected into a flow similar to dance, the exercises use gentle repetitive circling, spiraling and undulating movements with a specific rhythm, using the breath as a key ingredient. Gentle, yet invigorating, the GYROKINESIS Method works to create space in the body, mobilizing the joints and articulating the spine in all of its 7 directions, supporting to restore a healthy, balanced posture and alignment of the spine.

At the end of a class, one’s entire system is awakened, brought into greater balance, and leaving a sense of renewed vitality, calm and mental clarity.

In a workshop seriea, students are guided through the fundamental principles of the GYROKINESIS methodology and progressively introduced to sequences over the course of the series, developing a greater range of movement and embodiment.

Everybody is welcome (all ages, all levels)!


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