Livia Etelka - Trapeze FUN-damentals & Creative Transitions

Starts on Sunday, 22/09/2019
Price 45.00 €


During this trapeze workshop, students will learn fundamental skills and essential training both on the bar and in the ropes, creative transitions, specific conditioning exercises, and have a play at spinning on a single-point dance trapeze.

After going over essential conditioning and strength building exercises for this apparatus, each day has a different focus, progressively building towards putting all of the elements together in a sequence. The elements include: - Rolls/hangs/Balances – Intimate relationship to the bar – exploring how to move, balance, roll, hang, play around the bar (forward/backward rolls, lion rolls, toe/heel/neck hangs, back/front balance, elbow hang, etc...) - Life in the ropes – beautiful twisty and stylish moves in the ropes, playing with fun creative transitions and twists - Creativity & Spinning – building up to integrate all the different skills, having a chance to find your own creative input to move through the sequence. If desired, students can explore all they’ve learned with a spin, on a single point dance trapeze.

Level requirements: All levels (beginner – advanced), comfort in the air and basic aerial strength required (inversion, hip pullover..)


1.22/09/201914:00 - 16:00Domgasse 8, 1010 Wiennot specified


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