Tori McGrory - Silks & Rope Workshop

Starts on Friday, 31/01/2020
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Tori began her career as a contemporary dancer, the creativity and interpretation of movement developed into her passion as a practitioner of aerial arts with artistic fusion.

Tori uniquely harnessing her artist canvas, the air, infusing her performances with elements of dance and traditional floor sequences.

The combination of artistic planes has allowed Tori to feel whole as an artist, with the creative freedom to nurture her unique style and creative methods.

Tori has a deep passion for the exploration of movement, and the intertwining of the rope and body as one. With this expression she continues to explore and share new pathways for creative motion.

Her research and teaching methods take a holistic approach to learning. Placing a large emphasis on cooperating with your body, feeling and understanding movement mechanics by actively engaging with your senses, both on the floor and in the air.

Tori strives to create an inclusive and positive training environment. Placing great emphasis on the importance of having patience with ourselves and acknowledging our accomplishments. Each step forward brings us closer to achieving our goals.

Tori's workshops integrate the teaching of fundamental skills, moving into more advanced techniques and some of the dynamic pathways that influence Tori's style. Tori is also keen to share her own movement research. Her workshops Include a strong use of floor to air movement, creative exploration and skill development.

Tori’s ethos is to encourage artists to harness the natural qualities of their individual bodies. Seeking to create a physical poetry that transcends traditional boundaries and illustrates that it is our differences that have the potential to create the most inspiring movement.

Workshop : Silks/|Rope 31st Jan/ 1st Feb

Day 1: Essential Aerial Technique Day 1: Dynamic Movement Day 2: Rolling Technique Day 2: Floor to Air

Level requirement: Students should be able to invert unassisted, hold a back balance. Some experience/understanding of swings/beats.


1.31/01/202017:00 - 19:00Domgasse 8, 1010 Wiennot specified
2.01/02/202017:00 - 19:00Domgasse 8, 1010 Wiennot specified


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