Ariadna Vendelova - Aerial Silks „Movement Quality and Artistry on Aerial Silks" (Intermediate/Advanced)

Starts on Saturday, 07/03/2020
Price from 70.00 €


How do we move? Quality of our movement is a reflection of our ability to feel through our body. Yet, it is a craft to be learned to be able to exhibit movement artistry once we go up in the air. On top of that, in the aerial world, it has been popular to learn only the tricks, fragments, sequences. But how to translate the technique and skills we learn into art? Rediscovering our body´s innate capacity to feel and express through movement, we will try to unlock in this workshop our creative and expressive potential as aerial dancers. The craft of movement artistry can transform us into radiating performers capable of brining self-expression to every single mo(ve)ment on the silks.

Prerequisities:: Very good knowledge of basic silks vocabulary, easily straddle-up in the air, at least two inversion climbs, single ankle hang, basic drops, hip-key on both sides, being able to “stay up in the air” and work on silks for 5 continuous minutes.


1.07/03/202019:00 - 21:00Domgasse 8, 1010 Wiennot specified
2.08/03/202012:30 - 14:30Domgasse 8, 1010 Wiennot specified


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