AcroYoga Lunar - Relax & Restore

Starts on Friday, 30/08/2019
Price from 90.00 €


Trainer: Lisa Looping - Flylight Yoga Level: All Levels

Fly. Relax. Restore. Lunar AcroYoga is the perfect complement to your solar/acrobatic practise to make it more sustainable and keep you healthy, relaxed and happy! AcroYoga is not only about being strong and dynamic! There is a whole other side to AcroYoga that makes it so unique and special! In Lunar AcroYoga the base lifts the flyer into a relaxed aerial massage. Hanging upside down the spine can elongate and rejuvenate at last! In return the flyer will use some simple but very effective techniques from Thai massage for decompression in the lower back of the base. In this 3 days workshop, you will learn many different techniques that you can put together into a whole flow and offer a very special treat to your friends and family!


1.30/08/201913:00 - 14:30Breitenfurter Straße 176, 1230 Wiennot specified
2.31/08/201913:00 - 13:30Breitenfurter Straße 176, 1230 Wiennot specified
3.01/09/201913:00 - 14:30Breitenfurter Straße 176, 1230 Wiennot specified


Tickets can NOT be cancelled or refunded but a replacement participant can be sent with prior notice for an additional € 20 administration fee.

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