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This is the sound of tea

Here we discover the power of mindful perception. Learning how we can enrich the moment just by putting our concious attention into details.

How? We are going to drink tea and listen to vinyl records, that´s it.

This event is for those who value beauty of little moments, for those who can afford the luxury of taking things slowly .

Gong Fu Cha stands for the highest art of tea. The tea ceremony is a ritual and spiritual practice designed to enjoy the taste and aroma of tea. The Chinese tradition of tea ceremonies dates back more than a millennium. The supreme art of tea or gongfu cha first appeared among Buddhist monks in the I-II centuries B.C. Over time the necessary equipment for the tea ceremony was formed and the main rules of making different sorts of tea were determined.

What to expect? We start with a Little lection-introduction into the tea culture. Here we learn about the classification of tea and basics of ceremonial approach. Than the needle of the turntable touches vynil. From this very moment we have only music and tea. No talks, no phones, no destructions. We listen to the whole album, diving into the the sound of tea unveiling hidden gems layer by layer.

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