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PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® is a simple yet powerful breathing technique that may lead to altered states of conciousness. It combines elements from ancient yoga traditions and findings from contemporary neuroscience, which is accompanied by electronic music. Through guided breathing, a deep state of relaxation can be achieved in which mental, emotional and physical blockages can be released.

PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® can have a very liberating effect. This is caused due to the breathing practice altering the frequency of brain waves from beta to delta. You step out of the stress of everyday life and immerse yourself in a deeply meditative but highly creative and focused state of consciousness.PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® can help to question existing thought structures in order to identify alternative possibilities and approaches. 

Mental effecs

  • Promotes clarity and focus, increases concentration
  • Improves creativity
  • Supports stress reduction and leads to deep relaxation
  • Calms the mind of worries, stress and anxiety
  • Elevates the mood and strengthens feelings of harmony and lightness
  • Can lead to personal insights

Physical effects

  • Promotes strength, vitality and energy
  • Detoxifies, increases the metabolism and strengthens the immune system
  • Releases blockages
  • Improved sleep quality
  • May reduce chronic pain

The breathwork journey will be accompanied with electronic beats and the purest essential oils.


- wear something comfortable

- please don’t eat a heavy meal 1.5 hrs before the session


PSYCHEDELIC BREATH®️ is a powerful breathwork practice that is not recommended for the following conditions: 

pregnancy, epilepsy, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, high inner eye pressure, clinical anxiety or panic attacks, psychosis, a history of stroke, recent surgery (wounds, broken bones still healing).

By purchasing a ticket you confirm that you are healthy.


Hemma is a meditation and breathwork trainer, aromatherapist, speaker and mentor for personal development and modern spirituality. She creates events and experiences in which well-being can be experienced through change at the cell level. These experiences take the form of exclusive boutique retreats, self-care days, workshops and mentoring programs.

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Instagram: hemmaselfcareessentials

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1.22/10/202315:00 - 16:30Augustinerstraße 12, 1010 WienGastlehrer
2.03/12/202315:00 - 16:30Augustinerstraße 12, 1010 WienGastlehrer
3.17/12/202315:00 - 16:30Augustinerstraße 12, 1010 WienGastlehrer
4.14/01/202415:00 - 16:30Augustinerstraße 12, 1010 WienGastlehrer
5.21/04/202412:00 - 13:30Augustinerstraße 12, 1010 WienGastlehrer
6.21/04/202414:00 - 15:30Augustinerstraße 12, 1010 WienGastlehrer
7.19/05/202412:00 - 13:00Augustinerstraße 12, 1010 WienGastlehrer
8.19/05/202413:30 - 14:30Augustinerstraße 12, 1010 WienGastlehrer


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