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At Wien Taekwondo Centre we offer a high-performance training program for our athletes and other guests. Several times a year, we offer at our Competence Program, personalized training in Olympic Taekwondo dedicated to competitive athletes.

Our Competence Program seeks to fully prepare the athletes with the most modern Taekwondo training and provides a fully professional approach to the physical and technical skills necessary for modern sports.

We work with top Sports Scientists and Health and Human Performance Professionals to ensure the success of the program participants in their upcoming competitions.

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Number of included units
Valid from
1st booking
Duration of validity
1 month
Booking rules
Valid at
  • Wien Taekwondo Centre
  • Wien Taekwondo Centre - Neubau
Included activities
  • Taekwondo und Para Taekwondo (Jugendliche ab13 J. & Erwachsene)
  • Wettkampftraining Kyorugi - Teams 1 & 2
  • Blackbelts Stammtisch
  • Gürtelprüfungen September 2020
  • Taekwondo (Erwachsene)
  • Nutrition Coaching (Private Sessions)
  • Open Training (Erwachsene)
  • Wettkampftraining Kyorugi - S&C
  • Wettkampftraining für Anfänger und Farbgürtel
  • Kyorugi - Wettkampftraining - Alle Levels (ab 10. Keup)
  • Kindertaekwondo und Taekwondo (mit Online-Übertragung)
  • 2022 Neujahrslehrgang
  • Gürtelprüfungen Juni 2022
  • Taekwondo und Para Taekwondo (Jugendliche ab13 J. & Erwachsene)
  • Blackbeltstraining
  • Wettkampftraining Kyorugi - Team 1
  • Gürtelprüfungen September 2022
  • Gürtelprüfungen Dezember 2022
  • Weihnachtsfest 2022
  • Poomsae Training (Erwachsene)
  • Mental Coaching (Private Sessions)
  • Internationaler Frauentag Training
  • Internationaler Frauentag Training
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