Julie Martin "Repatterning the Body, Repatterning the Mind"

Starts on Saturday, 25/01/2020
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Who we believe we are is reflected in our bodies, in our movement. Everything from how we walk into a room to whether or not we find it difficult to touch our toes. Our patterns and belief systems play a huge roll in where and how we hold tension and resistance in the body. But also, the opposite is true. Lack of movement, having to sit at a desk all day or conversely, always running from one place to another can affect how we and behave feel about ourselves. This is the limbic brain and the nervous system at work. Essentially doing their jobs in order to survive but unless we can become aware of the process happening we can be at the mercy of the patterns, mentally, emotionally as well as physically.

During these weekend workshops Julie will take you through the science behind how and why we get stuck in old mental and physical patterns and how we can use our asana, pranayama and meditation to detangle the old and find new, more beneficial patterns.

Taking the science behind the limbic system in the brain and the affects it has on the nervous we will work with movement awareness to recognise when we were are met with resistance and how to negotiate, via the fascial network to send different messages between the brain and body. In addition we’ll examine how movement makes us feel. Different ways of moving and different poses and explore how they can affect our emotions or thoughts about ourselves.

With breath and meditation included we’ll spend the weekend unraveling the mysteries of the body and mind. Ultimately using embodied practices to continue to remain present with what arises, noticing and choosing how to react and respond in our movement and thoughts. We can break the habit of old self patterns and become the person we are truly designed to be.

These workshops are open to all abilities!


1.25/01/202002:00 - 06:00Strozzigasse , 1080 Wiennot specified
2.26/01/202002:00 - 06:00Strozzigasse , 1080 Wiennot specified


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