Julie Martin Masterclasses

Starts on Friday, 24/01/2020
Price from 45.00 €



Our yoga practice gives opportunity to let go of unwanted patterns, behaviour, stories and limitations allowing us to cultivate a relationship with our inner self. One that becomes the most important relationship of all. Using awareness of sensation Julie will guide you to explore natural spirals, waves, pulses, expansion and contraction, integrated movement, breath and pause. Listening without judgement to what your body has to say, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Through repetitive sequences, Julie encourages students to find their own rhythm, fluidity and strength within a movement structure. She no longer asks people to get 'into' a pose, but if stillness arises then space is given for you to pause, feel and sense. Moving on only when you are ready, moving with the body not against it.

Julie’s style of flow and curiosity, a practice for all those who are tired of showing up to merely make shapes. Join the Intelligent Rebellion and allow yourself to find a practice that feels authentic to you and your own body.

These Masterclasses will explore different themes throughout the entire Weekend.


1.24/01/202010:00 - 12:30Strozzigasse , 1080 Wiennot specified
2.24/01/202017:00 - 19:30Strozzigasse , 1080 Wiennot specified
3.25/01/202010:00 - 12:30Strozzigasse , 1080 Wiennot specified
4.26/01/202010:00 - 12:30Strozzigasse , 1080 Wiennot specified


If you are prevented for any reason to attend the Mastrclasses or/and Workshops you have already payed for to secure your space, we do not refund the fee! However, it is possible that an other Person can replace you. Primarily it is the participants duty to find a substitute. If there is a waiting list, we will let you know. The Masterclass & Workshop fees cannot be used for other activities or events at Little Yoga Room.

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