Cycle Breaker: Beliefs & Lineage

Starts on Monday, 01/04/2024
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This Workshop will be held in EN/DE depeneding on the participantsDieser Workshop wird in DE/EN gehalten, je nach Teilnehmerinnen!

It didn't start with you, but it can end with you.

You repeat the health challenges, emotional patterns, and relationship dynamics of your family. And you know that.

The words your parents said to you while growing up slip out of your lips sometimes… and it scares you. Perhaps you belong to a lineage where guilt, shame, and disconnection were the norm…

But the cycle ends with you. 

Liberating your female lineage and building in a new generation of connection, joy, ease, and healing begins here. Maybe you don’t know where to start…Or you’re already a cycle breaker, but drown in the heaviness of being the first one to dig your feet into the earth and bravely declare…

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH… let's put an end to this.

Luckily, that’s where we come in.

In the workshop you’ll learn two essential pillars to help you take the pain from your lineage, honor it, and turn it into power: 

1. Your Lineage & Your Nervous System 

Instead of… 

  • Constantly trying to wish, distract, or think your way through big emotions
  • Walking through the world disconnected, stressed, or frozen 


  • Learning how to identify the traumatic events in the life of your family line and unconscious agreements impact your whole trajectory in life – including how you make a living, whom you choose as partner, how you behave relationally & erotically and how you cope with stress
  • Learn how your thoughts and your language are a cue in the inherited beliefs

2. Healing Your Lineage Through Expression

Instead of… 

  • Thinking you have to do elaborate rituals, be completely perfect, or spend the next 80 years in therapy to start healing your lineage 


  • Receive an overview of practices & tools based in neuroscience that can help you disentangle from the cycle of generational suffering
  • Experience a guided practice to connect & release the beliefs of your lineage - I will decide on the practice based on the needs of the people in the group, can be from a small system constellation to powerful lineage visualisation meditation or creative arts or all of them :)

This workshop is for you, if:

  1. You want to explore your conscious and unconscious connection with your lineage and their beliefs.  
  2. You have no idea what people mean when they say “listen to your body”... because yeah that’s a great concept… but HOW?!
  3. You feel this sticky sense of shame, guilt, and anger that follows you around that you’re ready to integrate and release. 


  • 3h Workshop
  • Booklet with practices that support you Cycle Breaking journey
  • Snacks & Tea


  • You understand that this work is not intended to be a replacement for trauma work or psychotherapy.
  • You understand that every practice is an invitation & that you are not required to complete if it is not right for you.
  • You take full responsibility for your mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Trainer :

Felicia (DE, EN)

(DE) Felicia ist eine Trauma-ausgebildeter somatischer Coachin. Ihr Coaching orientiert sich an Energiearbeit, emotionaler Befreiung, Hatha-Yoga und Neo-Tantra. Sie verfügt über eine umfangreiche Lebenserfahrung – sie hat in 7 Ländern gelebt, über ein Jahrzehnt in der Unternehmensberatung und IT gearbeitet und ist seit 2010 mit ihrem Partner zusammen. Felicia begleitet Frauen und Paare, um die Natur des Geistes durch Verkörperung und Selbsterforschung direkt zu erfahren. (EN) Felicia is a trauma-trained somatic coach. Her coaching draws influences from energy work, emotional release, hatha yoga and neo-tantra. She also has vast life experience - lived in 7 countries, worked over a decade in the corporate environment & has been together with her partner since 2010. Felicia guides women & couples to directly experience the nature of the mind through embodiment and self-inquiry.


1.01/04/202414:00 - 17:00Hollandstraße 18, 1020 WienFelicia (DE, EN)


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