Rediscovering Freedom - Therapeutic Wisdom Workshop (ONLINE Participation)

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Starts on Friday, 15/07/2022


Daily schedule – short description Session 1 – Friday a.m. Keys to Understanding Pain Syndromes — New Perspectives on the Therapeutic Wisdom of Yoga, and Connecting with the Core Lecture and Asana practice – 3 hours

Session 2 – Friday p.m. Dynamic Foundations: A New Perspective on the Feet — and Knee Health Lecture and Asana practice specific to the knees, remedial exercises as a warm up to Asana practice. – 3 hours

Session 3 – Saturday a.m. Functional Lines of Movement and the Key to a Deeper Understanding of Asana Lecture: How to relieve sciatic pain with principles of functional movement + taking these ideas into practice. focus on hip actions and openings. – 3 hours

Session 4 – Saturday p.m. Breath, Self-Mastery, and the Development of the Idea of the Chakras Lecture: Concepts of the autonomic nervous system, role of hormones, chakras and significance to life “off the mat” + simple Pranayama practices, Yoga Nidra and Meditation. – 3 hours

Session 5 – Sunday a.m. Keys to the Shoulder Girdle: Opening the Wings of the Breath Lecture and application in Asana – 3 hours

Session 6 – Sunday p.m. A River Runs Through Us: From Psoas to Neck Asana practice with psoas releases, releases for the neck, eye movements and breath awareness. Focusing on the role of the Vagus nerve in relation to the breath. Closing with Pranayama, relaxation, and meditation. – 3 hours

Morning sessions from 9 – 12 hours Afternoon sessions from 14 – 17 hours

Online stream

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Teacher :

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Doug Keller


1.15/07/202209:00 - 12:00Große Mohrengasse 23/2a (im Hof), 1020 WienDoug Keller
2.15/07/202214:00 - 17:00Große Mohrengasse 23/2a (im Hof), 1020 WienDoug Keller
3.16/07/202209:00 - 12:00Große Mohrengasse 23/2a (im Hof), 1020 WienDoug Keller
4.16/07/202214:00 - 17:00Große Mohrengasse 23/2a (im Hof), 1020 WienDoug Keller
5.17/07/202209:00 - 12:00Große Mohrengasse 23/2a (im Hof), 1020 WienDoug Keller
6.17/07/202214:00 - 17:00Große Mohrengasse 23/2a (im Hof), 1020 WienDoug Keller

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