Feed your body & mind: Yoga and Brunch

Starts on Sunday, 06/02/2022
Price 30.00 €


In collaboration with the Vegan society we are hosting 3 events to nurture you Mind, Body and soul.

This is our first event of the trilogy focusing on building up your body thought healthy food and Hatha yoga.

There are 10 Spaces available to join the yoga class and Brunch and another 10 people will be able to join just for the Brunch. Have a friend that isn't into yoga? Invite them to meet you after you've build up an appetite and a healthy glow!

Brunch will be a delicious homemade plant-based meal. You will have the possibility talk to the chef and get cooking tips from the VSL team.

This ticket give you access to both events:

The class will be from 11:30 - 12:30 Lunch will take place from 13:00

Teacher :

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1.06/02/202211:30 - 14:30Rue des Glacis 9, 1628 LuxembourgWanli

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