New Horizons – A New You – A New Body

Starts on Friday, 06/12/2019
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A Weekend Workshop with Ezgi Fisher

Come open up to new horizons, discover a new you and practice building a new body with Ezgi Fisher and Brian King. Learn to see your practice in new ways and develop a new awareness to yourself and to your life. Ezgi and Brian are looking forward to share their unique skills to co-teach this weekend. This workshop is geared towards everyone. From beginners to highly skilled yoga teachers looking for new approaches. All levels are welcome.


The 3 sessions will build on each other and you will leave with a new combination of tools for continued fun in your health practice.

All the sessions will have a specific mantra, mudra and pranayama setting with a Hindu-Tantra philosophical theme open for satsang.

Session 1- Back to Yoga Basics – Back Pain Management – Building a New Body

Sometimes moving forward means returning to the beginning. This is the case for the advanced concept of “building a new body.” It requires simple positions in order to allow for complexity of actions and choices. Learn how to advance your practice by simplifying, centering and then expanding outward. You will be introduced to foundational stability anchors in the physical body, to creative versions of hip hinging for back health, to complex actions yet simple movements, and to various other concepts preparing to start building a new body. You will also be introduced to Ezgi&Brian’s basic sequences, drills, and transitions in between them.

Session 2- Slow and Steady Journey to Hand Balancing – Developing Your Cores

Safely building toward hand balancing and building a stronger, healthier hand balancing practice can be simple. We will present a clear process that if you choose to engage, will improve your skills, speed up your progress and preserve your wrist health. We will introduce actions and strengthening drills for back core, front core, and side core. You will be introduced to a developmental structure and strengthening tools preparing for arm balances. This session is not about the final forms of arm balances but rather breaking down the slow process that takes you there and you will get to enjoy the journey fully for a fun hand balancing practice.

Session 3- Athletic and Healthy Sitting – Touch, Breathing, Chanting

We will start with exploring athletic sitting, ground and grounding. Do you sit on your “Sit bones?” Come learn a new process for interacting with the ground that is fundamental to your health and athleticism. Sitting is a powerful way to train and a usable way to rest. It is also where people tend to be the least skilled and the most challenged when it comes to interacting with the ground. We will take this wisdom into developing our physical body athletically and explore it in various other postures and seated postures and developmental positions on the ground. We will explore the body-ground interface and how that impacts the pelvic floor. We will finish with sitting touch and deep contemplation, chanting, and pranayama.

Join us for this interdisciplinary approach to the individual and the universal. Ezgi will be teaching the combination of western science based structure of the physical body and the universal eastern teachings. We will find the link through our physical bodies via a well structured movement practice, developing a new body and a brand new awareness to our body. Topics of note include: rethinking “basic” physical yoga, back pain management and hip hinging, back-body and front-body core strengthening, “beginner” hand balancing drills, various strength tools including athletic sitting combined with various dimensions of yoga; Asana, Philosophy, Mantra, Mudra, Pranayama and Deep Contemplation.

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1.06/12/201918:00 - 20:30Mollardgasse 34, 1060 WienEzgi
2.07/12/201910:00 - 12:30Mollardgasse 34, 1060 WienEzgi
3.07/12/201914:00 - 16:30Mollardgasse 34, 1060 WienEzgi

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