BREATH OF AWAKENING with Geoff Brooks from Bali

Starts on Friday, 29/09/2023



Breath of Awakening gives all the perceived benefits of what breathwork (Pranayama) was designed to be all about; it provides a safe and nurturing pathway to create a deeper connection with the wonders of our body by opening specific lines of energy and different types of energy which aid in the homeostasis of our body.

This Psychophysical, yet inherently spiritual, process is formulated to sequentially open the primary Nadi’s (energy lines) and then clear the Chakras (energy centres). We then undergo a journey of rhythmic breath stimulation, prior to a nurturing and balancing finale.

By moving away from our deeply ingrained breath habits, you can experience a deep sense of feeling invigorated, a deeper connection with the language of your body, as well as, enhanced physical and mental, clarity and calmness.

Highly recommended for people who want to experience the wisdom of the deeper practices of Yoga without having to (literally) been backwards to do so.

Language: English

Open for all levels (don't be shy :) - you can do it)

Class Fee: € 25.- 

Location: Yoga Villa Steyr, Leopold-Werndl-Straße 18, 4400 Steyr

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Geoff ist ein technischer Meister des Yoga, der sich mittlerweile seit Jahrzehnten seiner Praxis hingibt. In mehr als 25 Jahren bewegungsbasierter Kunst, hat er verschiedene Einflüsse aus traditionellen und modernen Yogapraktiken, Kampfkünsten und Biomechanik verknüpft.


1.29/09/202318:30 - 20:00Leopold-Werndl-Straße 18, 4400 SteyrGeoff


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