Art of Adjustment - Module 10

Starts on Sunday, 05/05/2019
Price 160.00 €


Techniques: Art of touch, self positioning, posture of oneself while adjusting, adjustment techniques in open vs. private class.

Sequencing Classes: General introduction into concepts of exercise categorization, types of sequencing, own sequencing and presentation, usage of music. Ideal to have completed a big immersion with voice coaching.

Teacher :

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1.05/05/201909:00 - 13:00Lehárgasse 1, 1060 WienLenok
2.05/10/201914:00 - 18:00Lehárgasse 1, 1060 WienLenok
3.06/10/201914:00 - 18:00Lehárgasse 1, 1060 WienLenok
4.26/10/201914:00 - 18:00Lehárgasse 1, 1060 Wiennot specified


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