Restorative Yoga Course with Sarah Scharf

Startet am Wednesday, 08/01/2020
Price 70.00 €


In our busy and stressful lives most of us do not know how to relax and rest deeply. Even our yoga practice can become one more thing on the “to do list”. This is the yoga of how to simply be, not do. Restorative Yoga is a wonderful compliment to an active practice, balancing the energy in the body so you are neither depleted or over-stimulated

By using props to support us in the most comfortable way we are able to stay long enough in each pose to let go and find silence. This course will teach you how to set-up and create a Restorative practice for yourself. You will learn about the science and physiology of relaxation as well as the therapeutic benefits for many common conditions. Most importantly, you will have time to care for yourself and experience true rest.

The poses are all passive, helping us to focus on shifting into the parasympathetic nervous system and relaxing on all levels. Meditation provides a way in to the poses, using breath and imagery among other techniques. If you have stress in your life this course is for you! Open to beginners and teachers alike.


1.08/01/202017:30 - 18:45Hollandstraße 18, 1020 Wiennot specified
2.15/01/202017:30 - 18:45Hollandstraße 18, 1020 Wiennot specified
3.22/01/202017:30 - 18:45Hollandstraße 18, 1020 Wiennot specified

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