Gastworkshops mit Caroline Mathias

Starts on Tuesday, 19/07/2022
Price from 30.00 €


Caroline Mathias (Buenos Aires/UK) will be in Vienna again for Musicality Workshops and Private Classes from 19-23 July.

Workshops will be held by Caroline & Helmut and last for 2h, including a short break in the middle. They are followed by 30 min practice time to digest and explore further the topics of the class. In the first part of the class we work on how to incorporate the music in our body, we will listen, do exercises alone and with partners; there is a key technical base which helps us be expressive and creative! In the 2nd part we will apply the topic in 1-2 concrete sequences and integrate it into the dance as a couple. We recommend to register with a partner but also single registration is possible.

Detailled program: Tuesday, 19 July, 19:00-21:00, Dancing the Atmosphere – 50 Shades of Walking & Embracing How to take and express music as a whole. What colours, flavours, tastes do I identify, relate to when I’m listening or dancing? Which ones does my partner relate to? How can we embody these abstracts in the dance? What is there to be discovered? How can we listen and express together?

Wednesday, 20 July, 19:00-21:00, Rhythmic Base & What the f*ck is Anacrusis What are the 2 principle layers of music? How do they relate and affect my dance? How can I predict what will happen? How can I fill the gaps, deal with breaks, and be comfortable and clear?

Thursday, 21 July, 19:00-21:00, Canto, Contracanto – Dealing with Drama & Intensity What can I dance if there’s “no rhythm”? Can I express and/or appreciate drama if I’m not a drama person? How to deal with intensity without becoming tense? How to express abstract music in concrete moves?

Friday, 22 July, 19:00-21:00, Switching between Layers – Polyamorous Inspiration How to communicate what you want to express? How to enrich the dance creatively regardless of the role? How to listen to and take inspiration from your partner and the music, in the moment of the dance?

Prices: workshops are 2h + 30 min practice time 1 workshop: 30 euro per person (early bird price 25 euro) 2 workshops: 55 euro per person (early bird price 48 euro) 3 workshops: 80 euro per person (early bird price 70 euro) 4 workshops: 100 euro per person (early bird price 80) Early bird prices apply if paid before 15 July

Privates classes: 70 euro


1.19/07/202219:00 - 21:00Maria-Lassnig-Straße 33, 1100 Wiennot specified
2.20/07/202219:00 - 21:00Maria-Lassnig-Straße 33, 1100 Wiennot specified
3.21/07/202219:00 - 21:00Maria-Lassnig-Straße 33, 1100 Wiennot specified
4.22/07/202219:00 - 21:00Geibelgasse 14, 1150 Wiennot specified

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