Fine Spine & Sound Healing SUMMER SOLSTICE SPECIAL

Starts on Thursday, 20/06/2024
Price 42.00 €


Fine Spine & Sound Healing

Summer Solstice Special!

Connect with the abundant and radiant power of the sun, activating your inner power and your own magnetic radiance!

& gently come back into balance and harmony!

This evening combines healing sound frequencies of magical crystal singing bowls, gongs, sacred songs and more

with „ROTA“ prophylaxis -passive, gentle rotations of the spine. A powerful combination to support your well-being!

Benefits: Nervous system regulation,

Stress, tension & pain relief, emotional relief,

energetic recharging, deep relaxation.

Reduced symptoms associated with:

Depression, anxiety, pain, insomnia

The gentle spinal rotations and movements are carried out on a mat and guided and supervised by Nicky,

while Verena Magdalena is supporting the deep practice with healing frequencies of Crystal Singing Bowls, Songs, Gongs and more.

Addition: Please do not come immediately after a very heavy meal to the session and wear light, comfortable clothing. It is generally advised for people who have suffered a stroke or suffer from epilepsy not to participate in a sound bath due to the electromagnetic activity in the brain and changes in brain waves. Please inform us beforehand in case of any injuries or important information you want us to know.

About Nicky:

Founder of Barre Club Vienna, Barre Instructor, Rota Prophylaxis Instructor and Actress. Many years of experience in the fitness have shaped her approach that is designed to get the best out of you in a healthy and lasting way.

About Verena Magdalena:

Founder of Crystal Sounds Vienna, intuitive Singer and Songwriter, Sound Medicine Teacher and Designer. She has hosted over 500 Sound Events online in front of thousands of people and is known for her touching voice and songs - and her gentle approach during sessions.

Trainer :

Verena Magdalena (DE, EN)

Verena Magdalena, Gründerin von Crystal Sounds Vienna, ist intuitive Sängerin, Songwriter, Sound Medicine-Lehrerin, und Designerin. Mit langjähriger Erfahrung mit über 500 Sound Healing Sessions vor Tausenden von Menschen verkörpert sie hingebungsvollen Klang. Ihre Kunden schätzen ihre sanfte Herangehensweise und ihre authentischen, berührenden Lieder.


1.20/06/202419:00 - 20:30Schönbrunner Straße 83, 1050 WienVerena Magdalena (DE, EN)

Partner of Crystal Sounds Vienna

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